Get in the game with complete men’s grooming range, custom-made line of highlyfunctional and result oriented products for men. Formulated for new wave of men’sessentials, combination of selective fragrances, oils, ingredients and packagingsuited to men’s lifestyle.
Formulations For: Growth, Anti- Dandruff, Deodorising,Anti-Greying, Styling, Shine, Smoothening, Exfoliations,Moisturization, Cleansing, Nourishing, Personal Hygiene andcustomised to your requirements.
Men Grooming Product Types
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Hair Masks
  • Hair Serums & Oils
  • Styling: Pomades, Waxes, Muds, Gels, Creams, Balms
  • Solid Perfume Balms
  • Beard Oil, Wash & Conditioner
  • Beard Serum, Wax & Balm
  • Lip Balm & Scrub
  • Face Moisturisers, Cleansers, Creams, Face Serums
  • Shaving Cream, Gel & After Shave Lotion
  • Hygiene Wash