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Our Services
CRAMS - Contract Research and Manufacturing Service
CRAMS involves collaborating with Herb Elementz to develop and manufacture cosmetic products from concept. In this arrangement, you will closely work with Herb Elementz R&D team to develop a unique formulation that meets your specific requirements, whether it's related to ingredients, performance, or other factors. Herb Elementz will then develop prototype formulations that are ready to manufacture by Herb Elementz.
Private labeling is similar to white labeling, but we offer a bit more customization. With private labeling, you will work with a Herb Elementz team to select from their existing formulations and then customize certain aspects such as fragrance, colors, packaging, and sometimes even minor formulation tweaks. This allows you to have products that are more closely aligned with your brand's identity while still leveraging our expertise and infrastructure.
White label
White labeling involves purchasing pre-made products from Herb Elementz and branding them as your own. Essentially, you're using a ready-made formulation and packaging that has already been developed by Herb Elementz. You can add your own branding, logos, and labels to these products, creating the appearance that they are your unique creations. This approach is often chosen by businesses looking to quickly enter the market with their own branded products without investing heavily in research and development (R&D) or manufacturing.

ManufaCTURE Process

Infrastructure SpecS

The manufacturing facility spans an impressive 35,000 square feet and boasts FDA approval for cosmetics production. Each zone within the facility is equipped with its own Air Handling Units (AHUs) to ensure optimal air quality. The manufacturing and filling areas are meticulously maintained under the supervision of 3 Micron and 5 Micron HEPA Filters, complemented by clean room partitions in the production and filling processes. Additionally, the facility houses an in-house laboratory facility dedicated to research and development, stability testing, and quality control.